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Shipping Delay Nightmare

Where is my package?

Shipping delays continue across the nation as many shoppers await packages expected to arrive before Christmas. This has been frustrating not only for shoppers, but retailers as well, and in particular, small business owners. A historic rise in online shopping mixed with rising COVID-19 rates, and a preexisting delay with the USPS are the makings of a living nightmare. Other factors like thousands of postal workers being sick or in quarantine status, coupled with overwhelmed private delivery services like FedEx and UPS stopping new orders in early December have compounded unprecedented mail volumes and delays. Understanding the above challenges, communication becomes the only controlling factor between the customer and the retailer. Keeping customers informed of potential shipping delays before/after purchases, and providing updates throughout the delivery process is key to alleviating some frustration and building trust. Often times, customers just want to know that they have not been scammed and their packages have not been lost in the shuffle. At Purse Swag, we've worked hard to keep our customers informed during this nightmare of nationwide shipping delays. The V Presidential Fedora was our number one Christmas seller, and many of these orders made it to their final destination before the Christmas holiday. We've tracked delivery of packages and filed claims with the USPS for packages, taking over 3 weeks (from date of purchase) to reach their final destinations, though many of these orders have since made it or are in transit. We're committed to keeping our customers informed with shipping updates and delivery confirmations during these unprecedented shipping delays. Check out this article to learn more about the nationwide shipping delays:

V Presidential Fedora - #1 Christmas seller 2020

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