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Vegan Leather: Is The Real Deal

Are you vegan? That's usually a question that comes up when discussing dietary lifestyles. Well, we're not talking about dinner options here. Vegan leather is the new "style" and it's taking the fashion world by storm! Usually, when you think about leather, one question seems to come to mind, "is it real leather?" Here's the main difference between leather and vegan leather; vegan is eco-friendly and it's not made from animal skin. Fashion designers and consumers alike are making smarter choices when it comes to the skin game. Vegan is all the rave, from clothes, shoes, handbags and even cars! Yes, I said cars. Luxury automakers such as, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Ferrari and now Telsa offer vegan leather seating. Well, Purse Swag has also taken notice, and we're offering our brand new line of "real" vegan handbags To read more about vegan fashion, check out Serena Williams new line of vegan leather clothing!

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